Do you want to take full advantage of these credits but don't have the time, resources, or expertise to do it yourself? Let the BLYMAS experts do the work for you, and remember you pay nothing unless we generate savings for you.

We were the first to create and offer a pre-assigned, on-line form filler for extreme ease of submission, resulting in our clients' gaining quick approval. This often translates into a significant advantage for our clients resulting in many millions of dollars in credits and refunds. Click more to go straight to our online form filler.


Experts in the pursuit of Federal & State
tax incentive benefits.

At Blymas we can improve your company's bottom line.  Federal and State governments offer lucrative tax incentive programs, such as enterprise zones, to the nation's employers. Every year, businesses both large and small are entitled to tax credits that they never claim.

Our experience, methodology and development of new industry technology has accelerated our growth and pushed Blymas, Inc into the forefront as a quickly emerging industry leader. Our clients regularly qualify for the most tax credits as a result of a Blymas analysis.


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